ROSEイギリス留学 2019レポート【Week 3】


Day 12 and 13 修了式

  • Day 12 marked the last day of official lessons for the ROSE program. The students performed very well of the course of their days of lessons. Significant improvements were made by all, with special mention needed for everyone’s willingness to communicate with Mr. Alex and  myself outside of the classroom setting.For our afternoon activity, we set out by bus for an afternoon of shopping at the outlet shopping center, Bicester Village. The students were keen find various deals on brand name merchandise, so unfortunately I was unable to get them to stand in one place for a picture.

    Day 13 had a free day scheduled for the students, followed by the graduation ceremony and accompanying dinner. The students were eager to receive their completion certificates, and there were many smiling faces on stage in the Tsuzuki Lecture Theater, where we held the certificate issuing ceremony.



  • Following the certificate issuing ceremony, we made our way to the rooftop garden for pre-dinner refreshments. It was a beautiful evening for refreshments with the sunset. Our graduation dinner was held in a private dining room. The meal was superb; the St Anne’s culinary team outdid themselves, once again.


Day 14 and 15 オックスフォード最後のオフ日、ミニクーパー工場見学

  • There were no activities scheduled for our 14th day in England. Many students took the opportunity to make their way to different locations outside of Oxford.On the following day, our 15th in country, the students enjoyed a free morning where they were allowed to sleep in and enjoy a peaceful morning at their leisure. In the afternoon, we made our way by bus to the BMW Mini Cooper factory. Unfortunately, photos are prohibited inside the factory.



Day 16 ロンドンへ

  • On September 3rd, we bid farewell to Oxford and St. Anne’s College, boarded our bus and set off for London. After checking into our hotel, we made our way to the British museum. The students seemed very impressed with the large exhibits from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Asia.


  • After lunch, we boarded the Tube and set out for the London Eye. The giant Ferris wheel is a major attraction for visitors to London, and our group was not disappointed.


  • Next, we slowly made our way towards Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus. We took some time to checkout Big Ben (under renovations, unfortunately), 10 Downing St. and the buildings of Parliament. And capped the whole day off with a lovely feast at an Italian restaurant near Picadilly Circus.


Day 17 and 18 ロンドンでの自由行動、ハリーポッター・スタジオ

  • Day 17 was scheduled free time for the students. I did not see many faces over the course of the day, but I saw most dressed and excited at breakfast, and there were stories abound the following day of adventures and sites from the previous day.


  • On Day 18, the students had more free time in the morning before we boarded a bus and made our way just outside the city to Harry Potter Studios. The studios have been expanded and now included a new section on the tour. I must say, it was all rather impressive, and the students lamented slightly about not having enough time. Perhaps the time allotted for Harry Potter Studios will have to be lengthened for next year’s program.


Day 19 and 20 帰国便の遅延(!)

  • On the 19th day, until mid-afternoon, the students were scheduled to have their last session of free time before our return to Japan. However, due to a typhoon in Seoul, South Korea our flight home was delayed. Although it was rather difficult to reschedule our itinerary, with some patience from the students and brilliant organizational skills from Mr. Umehara, Mr. Alex and myself, we managed to secure another night’s stay in our hotel and subsequently the group got to receive another free afternoon and night in London. Although some of the group were looking forward to returning home (having already packed and checked out of their rooms, after all) I am quite sure most of the group enjoyed the surprise addition to the end of this year’s ROSE program.




日経大 留学体験記





「BLUE ROSE」は芸創プロデュース学科で学ぶ有志の学生により2021年 7月に結成された学生広報プロジェクトチーム。






迷っていても大丈夫! 日経大を体験して、未来の進路を見つけよう!