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Student Support

Promoting international exchange and opening up a world of possibilities

The International Exchange Center provides support from both Japanese and overseas staff to our overseas students in matters such as Visas, work permits, scholarship applications, medical and social problems and helps with everyday life and study while students are here in Japan.

Message from the Director of the International Department

Many students from overseas, both Asia and Europe, are currently studying here at our university. That students with not only different mother languages, but from different cultural, political and economic backgrounds, but from different otherwise enjoy university life with their Japanese peers deepens cross-cultural exchange and creates a multicultural world on campus. Through deepening communication amongst students we see the seeds developing of new cultures, and new worlds. These new worlds formed at university spread can out into the regions and the wider world, replete with possibilities, and our university hopes the our youthful students will make these new worlds realities.

Director of the International Department
Sebastian Dakin