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Message from the Chancellor

Individuality means the inborn characteristics specific to each person. With respect to education at university level, this refers not to specific character traits, but rather to specialist expertise attained by high level education and training. At the Tsuzuki Education’s Japan University of Economics, students choose, within the broader field of economics, courses that they are interested in or have a particular aptitude for, and focus on acquiring an individual specialism, thereby establishing a niche for themselves that others cannot imitate or follow. We place the greatest value upon the pursuit of professional specialism as a facet of individual identity.
The decision as a university to eschew becoming a generalist university with multiple faculties and to remain devoted to and specialist in the study of economics and related fields is an expression as a university of our belief in individual specialism. Originality as unique creativity is something individuality alone brings. Our university promotes training for life through the development of individuality, from a specialization at university to a specialized professional position, and ultimately to one’s true vocation and complete self-realization.
“We want to develop the individual-as-specialist, give them confidence, and send them forth into the world” is the salutation from our founders to the globalised world of the 21st century.

Chancellor of Tsuzuki Education Group
Kimiko Tsuzuki