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Club Activities

Full support is available for clubs with our wide range of facilities.

University is, at the same time as being a place for higher learning, also an opportunity for personal growth and development. At Japan University of Economics, our students can through clubs and circles independently refine their bodies and spirits, and every effort is made to provide guidance and assistance in order that students can develop as healthy individuals.
Our sporting circles and clubs include the yacht and judo clubs, who have produced Olympians, football, baseball, basketball and many others, and we aim to produce people with a good balance between intellectual and physical ability. At the Fukuoka Campus, we have one of the largest gymnasiums in western Japan, and substantial sports grounds, meaning that we are able to provide full support in terms of environment.
Cultural clubs and circles aim to contribute to a healthy academic culture through stimulating amity and links between students through practical engagement in academic research or cultural activities, and engage in a range of youthful pursuits on campus.

Sporting Circles and Clubs

Football, Baseball, Basketball (men), Basketball (women), Sailing, Badminton, Kendo, Jodo, Kyudo, Volleyball (men), Volleyball (women), Bowling

Cultural Circles and Clubs

Music Club, Cinema Circle, Anime Society, International Volunteer Club, Dance Circle