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History of the
Tsuzuki Education Group

For over 60 years since 1956, the Tsuzuki Education Group has been developing individual expertise in the academic context and are willing to provide unlimited support in education.

We are now one of the biggest educational corporations in Japan, having established six universities, twelve junior colleges and vocational schools, three high schools, a junior high school, and four kindergartens and nursery schools.

1956 Establishment of Fukuoka Daiichi High School
1960 Establishment of Daiichi University of Pharmacy
1966 Opening of Fukuoka Daiichi Commercial High School (now Daiichi Pharmaceutical University High School )
Opening of Miyako Kindergarten
Opening of Daiichi Kindergarten (now Daiichi Children’s School)
1968 Opening of Daiichi University of Economics (now Japan University of Economics)
1970 Establishment of Kagoshima Daiichi Kindergarten
1971 Opening of Murozumi Kindergarten (now Murozumi Children’s School)
1975 Opening of Daiichi Kindergarten Teacher’s College (now Fukuoka Kodomo Junior College)
1977 Opening of Sefuri Kindergarten
1985 Openings of Daiichi Institute of Technology, Daiichi Junior College of Infant Education, Kagoshima Daiichi Kindergarten
1986 Opening of Kagoshima Daiichi High School
1989 Opening of Daiichi Automobile Mechanics College
Opening of Tokyo College of Bookkeeping (now Tokyo Multimedia Professional Training College)
1990 Opening of Ochanomizu Institute of Foreign Languages (now Ochanomizu Institute of Acupuncture & Moxibustion)
1991 Opening of Nagoya College of Technology (now Nagoya Digital Technical College)
Opening of Nagoya College of Information and Business (now Nagoya Digital Art College)
Opening of Kagoshima Daiichi Junior High School
1996 Daiichi University of Economics relationship with Fitzwilliam College of Cambridge University begins
Daiichi University of Economics relationship with St Anne’s College of Oxford University begins
2000 Opening of Kanto Rehabilitation College
Opening of Kinki University of Social Welfare (now Kobe University of Welfare)
Opening of the Hatchery in Shibuya
2002 Opening of Daiichi College of Rehabilitation (now Kagoshima Daiichi Medical Treatment Rehabilitation College)
2003 Opening of Kanto Judo Therapy College
Opening of Daiichi College of Medical Rehabilitation (now Fukuoka Tenjin Medical Rehabilitation Academy)
2004 Opening of Linden Hall Elementary School(now Lindenhall Elementary School)
Opening of Nihon Pharmaceutical University
2006 Opening of Yokohama University of Pharmacy
2010 Opening of Lindenhall School High School Division (now Lindenhall High School)
2011 Opening of Japan University of Economics Graduate School in Shibuya