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Graduate Program

Students wishing to deepen their knowledge and specialize further continue with their studies here in Shibuya. Japan University of Economics Graduate School was established on the Shibuya Campus in April of 2012, and seeks to foster specialized knowledge for business people and practical researchers.

Our course at graduate level in Management for research into management is based upon the Management Department at the Japan University of Economics. Japan is currently witnessing a restructuring within society in fields as diverse as health, welfare, care and the environment, and in addition to a thorough grounding in Management, we seek to foster in our graduate students at the Japan University of Economics in addition to a thorough grounding in Management specialist knowledge and the ability to research in order that they become capable leaders with a grasp of the present and future for the economic world.


We wish to cultivate individuals who possess excellence both as practical research and the ability to operate in their specialist field. At our graduate school we open our doors to those with intellectual curiosity, including those already in the workforce, provide for them a liberating intellectual environment wherein students learn not only theory but also discover how management is continuing to evolve in practice.

Subjects for Research

Members of staff provide detailed advice tailored to students needs and based upon their academic and work experience, and linguistic competencies. As a graduate school, we actively seek to improve accessibility to those already in the workforce, with study enabled at weekends and in the evenings and courses for those engaged in engineering and medical management.

Research Supervision

In addition to Commerce, Accounting and Management that form the base for research into Management we have instituted as a foundation course research into Intelligence Management which includes the analysis and collection of data on competitors as the basis for structuring business strategy. Our staff and course structure has been assembled so as to enable graduate students to pursue research into management strategy, engineering management or medical management.